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Work of the Week- Thank u, next

As many of us know, Ariana Grande's Thank u, next music video just came out, and it's an instant hit. Grande took 4 major teen movies of the early 2000's and placed herself in each of them.

Grande's target market is obviously young women (like me) would could also relate to and enjoy these films, which is why she chose this theme for her video. While the actual music video is amazing, iconic and completely satisfying, it was her social media that actually made me want to write my work of the week about her.

Ariana Grande (or whichever member on her team that runs her social media) did a killer job at promoting this music video on her twitter and instagram before its release. I was never a huge Ariana Grande fan (never had an issue with her either), but I also got swept up in the hype of this video release. Days before the video was set to come out, Ari began teasing her fans with some pictures from the shoot. Only giving the fans context that these were from her new music videos via her #thankunext hashtag.

Ari was able to garner INCREDIBLE fan interaction over the platforms, with millions of likes and comments on eat photo. Her instagram was one thing, but her twitter was another. Ari was responding to fan tweets at all hours of the day, ensuring they felt completely involved in her process as much as she did.

I’m not even a huge Ariana Grande fan, but I began looking up her twitter daily in the few days leading up to the release of the video. Ari and her team knew that today, fans want to feel directly involved with the process, and doing so will get them more attention and more views on their video.

Thank u, next had a record breaking 46 million views in just 24 hours after being released and over a million fans watching the countdown on the webpage before her video even began. The takeaway here is that engagement is key, keep the fans happy and they'll keep you happy.

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