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Work of the Week #4 - Dinnertime Battles

As a 21 year old single college student, I don't generally have the problem of trying to get children to eat dinner. However, when I ran into this ad, it still resonated with me and made me chuckle. Dolmio's team did a great job of making a short, sweet and easily digestible ad that one wouldn't normally equate with pasta sauce.

While I still enjoyed this ad, I'm clearly not the target audience. Dolmio was looking to target parents (specifically in Europe as indicated by the 17:41pm time and various accents). Their sauce comes in family sized bottles vs. a single portion serving, and has some sugar in it to make sure kids will enjoy it as well.

Their objective here was to relate to parents of young children, and show them that their product can help with some of their many struggles throughout the day. The key insight here is that nowadays, kids don't necessarily listen when parents call them to sit down for dinner. Back in the 60's there was no resistance to dinner time. It was "Sally! Bobby! It's Dinnertime!" and that was it. That's not the way life works anymore. With new technologies and changing parenting styles, it's not so simple to get everyone at the table, and to get everyone to actually eat. It can feel like a battle to get your kids to the dinner table, hence "Dinnertime Battles"

Overall, I think this is an incredibly clever and wholesome ad. And it does what every great advertisement wishes to do, it entertains those who aren't even supposed to be the target audience. Dolmio had a hit here, and made their point without including these creepy "Italian" puppets that they used in previous advertisements...

Thank goodness these guys didn't make it past 2012.

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