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Work of the Week #3- Meeting my Genes

In a spot for the popular DNA testing site 23andMe, 72andSunny decided to introduce us all to our genes. In the video above (and in a few other spots, specializing in specific genes) 23andMe personifies the different genes that they can identify with their analysis, to show audiences what they can learn about themselves. Which, I personally think is an ingenious way to discuss a hard to understand product.

The objective of this spot is to help consumers understand what they could learn about themselves by using 23andMe's product. When most people think of 23andMe, people tend to think of finding out where you're from genetically, rather than discovering all of these different genetic predispositions that you can have.

On top of that, the product is kind of difficult to explain to your average Joe, so there's an added challenge of how to not get too technical. So in this ad, they're looking to educate people about the different genetic markers that they can detect, by personifying them

The target audience appears to be a diverse array of people, I'm speculative that it's more likely to be for 30+ working age adults. 23andMe isn't a particularly cheap product, and it's also not a necessity, so they're likely looking for people with an expendable income. This is an interesting product as well, where the older demographics could also be interested it in, but more often than not their working class children are likely buying it for them. So this ad is designed to get adults with an expendable income excited about what they can learn about themselves and their families.

All in all, it's really creative and super fun. I think the idea to personify the genes to make them more understandable is fantastic, and serves its purpose very well.

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