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Work of the Week #2- Absolut Vodka Doesn't Sugar Coat

This week Absolut vodka told us to cut the crap, and stop sugar coating things (while drinking Absolute vodka).

The objective of this ad was very clear, but done in a fun and insightful way. They're trying to tell people about their new sugar-free Grapefruit flavor of vodka.

Their target audience is likely going to be health conscious women, due to the nature of the product. What I love about this ad, is that they clearly dove into more insight than just "women are monitoring their sugar, so they'll drink this". It's not just stock photos of women laughing with salads, pretending that they're having "the best time!!!"

(picture for reference)

No! Absolute went beyond that, and really looked at some social constructs that women face in today's society. One of those being that women generally feel like they have to be nice all the time. Women don't always feel like we can express our feelings in fear of other people's getting hurt. This ad encapsulates that (on a dramaticized scale of course).

I enjoyed that this ad wasn't necessarily a "rallying cry" to get women to stop being so worried about other people's feelings. Because selling vodka has nothing to do with that. But it tastefully brought attention to that issue.

Absolut was able to find a topic that conveniently relates to their new product line, and worked it in beautifully. Was this ad perfect? Certainly not. Was it very cheesy? Definitely. Did I enjoy myself? Absolutely.

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