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Agency Visit- Deloitte Digital

This past week we took a trip to Deloitte Digital in Manhattan Beach. If it had to summarize the trip in a few words it would me: Intimidating, intelligent and incredibly helpful. Intimidating because walking into their office building there was this overwhelming sense of professionality. Being a senior, I've had some real adult work experience but this place was next level adulting. The full regalia of blazers and button ups, accompanied by the clean looking office helped highlight the incredibly talented employees.

We had the privilege hearing a session on the 10 Types of Innovation from Danny Ledger and Gianelle Veis. Danny (an LMU alum) opened the session discussion Jay Doblin, and the inspiration behind the 10 Types of Innovation. The idea of applied design and looking at what the needs are, instead of what the innovators think they need. Then Gianelle walked us through the 10 types of innovation and the three different "buckets" of innovation that they fall into: Configuration, offering and experience.

My key insight from this session was that innovation is so important and complex, it obviously can't be summarized in a few clique phrases. "Think Outside the Box" "Be Different" Yea that's great and all, but that doesn't really give you an y actionable task. It was so refreshing to hear from Deloitte that these little summaries are in fact, cliche. Often I feel in the marketing space that little kitschy phrases are encouraged if not celebrated. And sometimes they can be incredibly clever, but other times almost disingenuous, or unhelpful.

It was an absolute pleasure getting to visit Deloitte Digital, it's clear they have a great handle for the industry they're in, they're smart and they're certainly going more places.

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