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WOW #9- Ice Cream and Memes



The popular ice cream brand is clearly looking to target some younger audiences. With this sporadic "random" ad,


In the article, Baskin Robbins describes that they wanted to make some advertisements that were less product based. They wanted to inspire a more emotional appeal in their viewership rather than just talk about how great Ice Cream is.

Brand Idea/Positioning

Baskin Robbins is trying to portray themselves as a brand for young people vs. moms bringing an ice cream cake to the end of the year soccer party.


BR was attempting to communicate to younger audiences, how eating baskin robbins ice cream makes you feel. Via a very memey, jump cutting, animated video.


It really does that they're looking to do. A very cute, random, and fun campaign that shows what it's like to eat some ice cream.


Again, feels a little bit trite. I feel as though the big "random" trend kind of peaked around the time of i-Carly in 2012, so doing it in 2018 is unexpected, but not necessarily in a great way.

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