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WOW #8- Milk vs. the News


Most Americans have the same sentiment about the news in recent years. We're constantly bombarded with horror stories about what's going on in our government, shootings and terrible incidents. We're becoming desensitized to the news being a mess, that we don't even notice the negative impact it's having on us. Dairy Pure, decided to remind Americans that we don't have to surround ourselves with the bad news of today with their most recent spot.


From the advertisement, we can clearly see that Dairy Pure is targeting families with kids, new parents and single parents. Anyone that has children in their lives that they can enjoy a nice bowl of cereal with. Trying to reinforce the idea of milk being a part of breakfast


Dairy Pure has clearly become aware of this current news sentiment. Common themes in parenthood, it goes by so fast, appreciate the little moments.

Brand Idea/Positioning

Dairy Pure is attempting to create a positioning of eliciting joy, reminding parents to appreciate the little joyful moments that they have with their children (and making sure that Dairy Pure is a part of it).


Dairy Pure wants their consumers to be "Pure" and get back to those simple joys in life, like giggling to the morning cartoons with your kids. Encouraging them to spend the time that you have with their kids, because those little moments of happiness shouldn't go unappreciated.


It's a really cute spot! Very wholesome, made me smile.


The news part in the beginning is a little bit tired at this point. It was very expected once it happened, and didn't suprise me at all.

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