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WOW #7- National Caramel Day


It seems like every day on social media is "National _____ Day". Whether they're created to promote products or a happy accident, companies are intelligently taking advantage of it. This year Werther's, the good ol' caramel at the bottom of your grandma's bag, decided to jump on this train. On National Caramel day, they decided to combine this trend with the increasingly popular experiential "adult play" trend. They build a "Caramel Candy Land" that consumers can walk through and use to interact directly with the product. Werther's has even provided a video walkthrough of the experience.


Being what I said before about Werther's being an "Old Lady candy brand", it's clear that they have an issue with their brand image. They're going to need to re-brand to reach any audience other than grandmothers. With this campaign, it appears that they're trying to reach a younger audience, making a very fun and experienced based promotion. ttrying to get social media exposure, creating a fun experience.


Werther's must have got a whiff of their grandmother imagry, and decided they needed to do something about their current brand positioning.


Positioning themselves as a fun brand, beyond anything else. Making themselves seem relevant to the audience that they need.


To create awareness for a brand that in the back of the minds of a lot of people, but no where close the forefront. Helping younger audiences to remember the classic brand.


It's very cute! Something we haven't seen done with a candy company before. An interesting way to celebrate happiness and promote a candy company without overtly selling something.


It feels to me that this event could have been much more interesting, it looks like you pretty much just walk through it. There's so much more you could do with Candy Land, the game is all about the amazing world that they're living in and the incredible characters that you get to meet. In this board game there were no cool characters to interact with, or games to play at the different stations. There weren't even any cool walls that are perfect for instagram Just a board that you walk on, and just for a day.

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