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WOW #2- The Whopper taught me about Net Neutrality


It's not often that I feel like an advertisement was actually engaging, educational, and well created, but Burger King managed to do it with this Net Neutrality PSA. As I'm sure many of us know, Net Neutrality was recently repealed. But do we know exactly what that means? I've seen a few explanation videos featuring men in glasses talking at me, and I understood what they were saying. However, I still felt removed from the situation in which the internet wouldn't be free, and site traffic could be slowed. But with this ad, it showed me exactly how I'd feel if that was happening to me.


American consumers who may be confused about the real impacts of Net Neutrality. More likely targeting people from 18-45 rather than 65+, just because of the likelyhood to use the internet. Burger King's target consumer had shifted over the years, to cater to more than just young men, and this spot addresses both genders, and multiple age groups.

Brand Planning/Positioning

They're taking themselves in a direction I hadn't really imagined for Burger King, but an almost social justice position. It's not inherently political, but it definitely is falling into some gray area that will be interesting to see how they interact with in the future.


First and foremost to educate internet users, and let them know what's going on in this country. But more than that, to call them to do something about it.

Strengths and Weaknesses

It's not the most highly budgeted production, and it defintely gets a little cheesy at the end there when the customers over explain what they just saw. But it successfully takes a confusing concept and shows you exactly how it would feel to have that happen. It's provocative, creates a call to action, shows just how ridiculous things are.

Today it's hard to know what to care about, because it feels like there are so many valid issues s. Burger King gives us a nice reminder of something that is really important, and that we can do something about it.

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