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Recupera SEM & Paid Social 

How it started- Last Fall, my Adaptive Media Class gave each group of students $1,000 to help a brand launch SEM and Paid Social campaigns. My group was instantly drawn to an LMU Entrepreneurship Class Project-turned company, Recupera Meals. Recupera’s mission is simple, help those with serious dietary restrictions and medical complications get food that they can eat, and enjoy. Recupera delivers customizable prepared meals to their customers, so those with specific dietary restrictions don’t have to worry about what to eat. We fell in love with their mission, and really wanted to help them with this $1,000 investment. However, as soon as we began our work for them, we quickly realized we had a quite a few challenges ahead of us.

Recupera is such a new company that they have zero market share in the highly saturated food delivery market, they also barely had a website and virtually no social media presence. In addition, due to their size they had an extremely limited delivery radius, which further limited their audience. Their goal with our media was to get the word out there about their company, and hopefully add a few more customers to their small customer base. With these challenges in mind, our group looked forward and started strategizing.

How we did it- We knew the biggest challenge that Recupera was facing was awareness, because their brand was so new. Ultimately we wanted to generate some leads for Recupera to grow their customer base, because once they started growing all of their processes would become easier. (Check out the slideshow above if you’d like to see how we presented our process!)

So first we set to build out an SEM campaign that would help garner them awareness among the niche audiences that they wanted to target. With Google Ads Manager we built a list of over 1,000 keywords that we refined to a solid 600. We made our keywords very specific for this campaign, because of the highly saturated food delivery market.

We built our Facebook campaigns and adjusted them over the course of 3 flights. Our first flight was highly awareness based, to get Recupera’s name out there. Once we had reached the people in the 10 mile delivery radius, we switched our campaign to a Lead Generation campaign, to really help Recupera with their client base.

How it worked out- Through many bouts of trial and error, we ended up getting some pretty killer results for Recupera. Over 17 people filled out Lead forms on their website, and 39 people filled out our Facebook Lead Campaign form. Meaning a whole lot of new business for this new brand. It certainly wasn’t perfect, but it got better results than we could have hoped for.

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